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Frequently Asked Questions

Got some bocandy questions? Here's the answers.
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Q. What is Bocandy?

A. Bocandy is a subscription box to international candy. I don't mean we ship you random candies with stamps on the wrappers, I mean we hand pick the best candies and snacks from around the world and ship them to you.

Q. How much does a Bocandy subscription cost?

A. LBarring some promotion or back-alley agreement, we charge you $15 a month. The Asian Snack Box is $21/month and the Premium Box is $40/month.

Q. When does Bocandy ship?

A. Once you signup, Bocandy will ship within 10 days of your payment (and within 10 days of that day of the month, each month) for domestic shipments. International shipmends will go out around the 21st.

Q. I signed up on the 3rd, it's been two weeks WHERE IS MY SHIPMENT!!!!!!

A. Okay, stop using so many exclamation points. This is a subscription. That means everyone gets their subscription the same time of the month. Your shipments will start the month after you sign up. This will not impact your billing date. This means that people who sign up before the 8th will get billed before their next shipment goes out. If you want your box early, email us.

Q. Do you ship chocolate?

A. Yes! But not in the Summer. Chocolate melts between 88 and 94 degrees fahrenheit and most places get hotter than that in the Summer. When is Summer? For our purposes, it starts in April and ends the last day of September. So, if you live somewhere that it gets above 88 in October to March, you'd better be quick to get your box off your front porch. Occasionally, we are able to facilitate non-chocolate shipments, but not always.

Q. I'm a blogger, can I get a free shipment to review?

A. There is a link in the footer of the home page. Check it out.

Q. I have several dietary restraints or restrictions, will you change the contents of a package to appease me?

A. No. If you can't or don't eat certain things, don't get bocandy.

Q. What about if I sign up for a year, then cancel, will I be refunded?

A. No, any prepaid subscription (anything more than monthly) will not be refunded if you cancel.

Q. When will I be charged?

A. On the same day of the month that you signed up. So if you signed up on the 15th, you'll be billed on the 15th of each month.

Q. The tone you use to write with on this website is very casual. Why do you write like somebody who is cool at parties?

A. Because I am cool at parties.

Q. I have several dietary restraints or restrictions, will you change the contents of a package to appease me?

A. No. If you can't or don't eat certain things, don't get bocandy.

Q. Is free shipping international or just domestic?

A. Intermittently we will run FREE SHIPPING offers, this is for domestic shipping. If you're in the US, an American military base, Puerto Rico, or any of the other territories, you'll get free shipping. Everyone else is going to pay a subsidized rate. It costs about $16 USD to ship one of our boxes to Australia so, sorry, but you gotta pay part of that.

Q. Is there a difference between International and Domestic shipments?

A. Yes. International shipments are shipped in a bag and, depending on the contents, may differ from domestic shipments. Shipping food into the United States and then out to other countries is an very hairy process and sometimes it takes a few weeks to get to you. I know, not the best, but we're at the mercy of at least two governmental agencies.

Q. I have diabetes can I–

A. Lemme stop you right there. If you have diabetes, you probably shouldn't be eating candy. I'm not a doctor or anything, but, like, come on.

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